A collection of TED Talks (and more) on the topic of politics.

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The global power shift

11 talks • 3h 12m
Big-picture talks about global politics and the shifting weight of the world.

Freedom rising

11 talks • 2h 41m
From the Arab Spring to the emerging democracies of Eastern Europe, a new generation of freedom fighters -- entrepreneurs, journalists, activists -- shares powerful stories of resistance against dictatorships and oppression.

War stories

13 talks • 3h 32m
We need to talk about war. These powerful, crucial talks come from soldiers, politicians, journalists and others who've seen the reality of war firsthand.

Close up and personal

12 talks • 3h 29m
These photographers capture beautiful but sobering images, using their art to help fight for social justice.

TED Books

TED Book: Lesterland

Lesterland: The Corruption of Congress and How to End It

A corrupt campaign funding system could destroy our republic -- if we let it. Lawrence Lessig lays out a plan to stop the decay.