These TED Talks, covering every topic under the sun, have one thing in common: They're laugh-out-loud funny.

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Did you know?

13 talks • 1h 28m
A delightfully useful collection of explanations, how-tos and amusing trivia.


12 talks • 2h 09m
What’s more fun than a barrel of monkeys? These talks, which offer unique insights on the things we play with—from teddy bears to Legos to yo-yos.

Charming talks for a boost on a bad day

5 talks • 50:40
Bad days happen to good people. Here are talks guaranteed to help cheer you up.

That's absurd!

8 talks • 1h 46m
These quirky talks remind us that life is funny, weird, sweet, absurd.
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A spoonful of sugar …

One afternoon, many years ago, our physics teacher interrupted the class to make us all stand on chairs. Kid One got to put his finger in the middle of this weird-looking, whirr...