These TED talks -- from chefs, farmers, restaurant owners, cookbook writers and foodies -- celebrate all things edible. And ask the important question: What's wrong with what we eat?

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Talks for foodies

8 talks • 1h 59m
What can compare to the pleasures of the palate? These talks from chefs, cookbook writers and passionate foodies celebrate all things edible.


12 talks • 2h 19m
Green, leafy, often delicious: Plants are all around us and make the ecosystem work. Hear from gardeners, vegetarians, designers and conservationists on the wonderful world of plants and vegetables.

What's wrong with what we eat?

9 talks • 2h 03m
It's easy to worry about food: Are we eating the wrong stuff? What about people who don't have enough to eat? These talks examine the problems -- and some compelling solutions.

The perfect lunchtime talks

6 talks • 1h 03m
Need something smart to chew on? As you eat lunch, cue up these delightful talks, as invigorating for the mind as a cup of coffee.

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Young farm startups go back to the land

Will the future of food look like the past? Past the muddy edges of Mace Chasm Road, live music rang out from a glowing white tent near the tiny village of Keeseville, NY, one ...

What will we eat on Mars?

The past, present and future of food in space — from astronaut ice cream to “Enchilasagna” on Mars. John Glenn eating applesauce in space, 1962. Photo courtesy of NASA. John ...
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