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How language changes over time

6 talks • 1h 18m
Language isn’t fixed—it evolves. Enjoy these talks on the shifts happening before our eyes, for better or worse.

10 great talks to celebrate Black History Month

10 talks • 2h 13m
These fascinating talks offer fresh perspectives on black identity, and fascinating insights on how to finally defeat racism.

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TED Book: Beware Dangerism!

Beware Dangerism!

The world is no more dangerous than when we were kids, so why don't we let kids take risks? Gever Tulley takes on our media-inflated fears.
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Episode: Identities

Each of us has a sense of who w are, where we come from, and what we believe. But is identity assigned at birth? Shaped by circumstance? Or is it something we choose, that changes over time? In this hour, TED speakers describe their journeys to answer the question: who am I? Listen now