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The fastest way to fight prejudice? Open up

Equality advocate Ash Beckham hopes her habit of chronic over-sharing leads to more honest conversations. I don’t really hide much. I’m essentially an open book, and honestly, ...

Is this really the America we want?

“Two FBI agents knocked on my door. They told me that unless I helped them by spying on protest groups, they would put me on a domestic terrorist list. I’d love to tell you I di...
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Freedom rising

11 talks • 2h 41m
From the Arab Spring to the emerging democracies of Eastern Europe, a new generation of freedom fighters -- entrepreneurs, journalists, activists -- shares powerful stories of resistance against dictatorships and oppression.

How to be a great leader

12 talks • 2h 54m
What makes a great leader? The ability to rule with an iron fist? Being well-liked? Or maybe just having a really loud voice? These TED speakers each offer much more nuanced approaches on how to inspire others.

Close up and personal

12 talks • 3h 29m
These photographers capture beautiful but sobering images, using their art to help fight for social justice.

Climate change: Oh, it's real.

9 talks • 2h 17m
We still have a lot to learn about climate change, about why it's happening and what that means. But one thing is clear: It's real, alright. These talks provide a primer on the issue of our times.
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TED Book: Minescape

Minescape: Waging War Against Land Mines

Photojournalist Brett Van Ort blends images of deceptively innocent landscapes, land mines and prosthetic limbs to illustrate the remnant threats of war that linger in times of peace.
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