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Sebastian Junger’s last patrol

Veterans often have a hard time returning to civilian life after war. Sebastian Junger offers a counterintuitive theory about why. In his new film, The Last Patrol, Sebastian Ju...

Gallery: Loss is loss. Pain has no nation

“Nothing replaces the loss of a son, not even another son.” Those are the haunting words of Safia Abo Zour, a Palestinian woman whose four-year-old died in a 2011 airstrike in G...
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War stories

13 talks • 3h 32m
We need to talk about war. These powerful, crucial talks come from soldiers, politicians, journalists and others who've seen the reality of war firsthand.

The road to peace

10 talks • 2h 24m
Peace. It's humanity's eternal, elusive dream. These speakers offer inspired ideas, practical advice and real-world examples from around the globe of how it just might be attainable.

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TED Book: Minescape

Minescape: Waging War Against Land Mines

Photojournalist Brett Van Ort blends images of deceptively innocent landscapes, land mines, and prosthetic limbs to illustrate the remnant threats of war that linger in times of peace.
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