Why and how do we fall in love? In these TED Talks, scientists, psychologists, poets and painters explore the mystery of romance.

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Do you know the 5 love languages? Here’s what they are — and how to use them

The concept of love languages expresses a simple truth: We don't feel or experience love the same way. By knowing another person's love language -- and knowing your own -- we can strengthen our connections, says relationship researcher Dr. Carol Bruess.
Posted Feb 2021

Dear Guy: “I’m in quarantine, and I’m heartbroken”

In this installment of "Dear Guy," TED's advice column from psychologist Guy Winch, he suggests how a reader can start to heal from heartbreak while in quarantine.
Posted May 2020

A marriage researcher’s favorite books and podcasts for better relationships

Relationships take work, but there's good news: Researchers, writers and podcasters have already done some of the heavy lifting in exploring how we can connect with the people in our lives. Marriage and family researcher Carol Bruess shares a list of her favorite relationship books and podcasts.
Posted Dec 2019
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