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CSI: Mummy!

US authorities recovered an illegally looted mummy, and they wanted to return it. Big problem: They didn't know where it was from. Enter Sarah Parcak, an Egyptologist and expert in the relatively new field of space archaeology. Here, she explains how she and a team unravelled the mystery.
Posted Jul 2019

What the ancient past can teach us about the chaos of 2016

This year has been marked by upheaval on a global scale -- and many of us are wondering: What will happen next? Satellite archaeologist and TED Prize winner Sarah Parcak shares three examples from the ancient past that offer lessons for today.
Posted Nov 2016

How archaeology has shaped me as a parent

TED Prize winner Sarah Parcak has learned some key lessons about parenthood from her work as an archaeologist. At the same time, becoming a parent has given her new insights into what her work means.
Posted Sep 2016
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