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Created in collaboration with Wiley, the American academic publishing company, TED Studies use TED talks as a jumping-off point for a structured educational experience. They're designed to help students, professors, researchers and self-guided learners explore important topics in higher education. On TED.com, each TED Study includes a curated video collection, as well as an introductory essay and summary analysis. An expanded version of TED Studies — including special modules on each talk with questions, assignments, key terms and recommended reading — is available by license for academic settings.

Science & medicine

TED Studies: Environmental Studies


Armed with information critical to protecting the planet, these TED speakers give talks that boldly illuminate the nature and scale of current-day climate science.

TED Studies: Evolution


These TED speakers tackle humanity’s oldest and deepest questions by playing with primates, excavating ancient remains, and DNA-mapping family trees.

TED Studies: Marine Biology


These passionate aquatic explorers take the TED stage to share what they’ve seen in the abyss of Earth’s last frontier — the ocean — and what it means for all of us on land.

TED Studies: Medicine


These speakers give the talk of their lives about the prevention, detection and treatment of one of the leading causes of death worldwide: cancer.

TED Studies: Neuroscience


The brain may seem unmappable to most. But neuroscientists are using an array of techniques to chart, and even change, this amazing organ.

TED Studies: Physics


These scientists explore the fascinating implications of some of physics' most perplexing theories: quantum mechanics, general relativity and attempts to unify them.

Social sciences & humanities

TED Studies: Government and Politics


These activists, academics and statesmen come together at TED to delve into new ideas about how power and influence come about in the digital age.

TED Studies: Management


These speakers share powerful insights about leaders across a wide range of fields and domains who inspire great results from their team.

TED Studies: Media and Journalism


These media executives, journalists and authors explore how our ability to understand and participate in a global society is helped or hindered by the Western media.

TED Studies: Psychology


Live from the TED stage, these explorers of the human mind chart our understanding of that elusive problem, how happiness is created and cultivated.

TED Studies: Religion


Writers, religious leaders, activists and artists take the TED stage to talk about Islam, the often misunderstood faith practiced by more than 1.5 billion people worldwide.

TED Studies: Statistics


TED speakers shake up the field of statistics with elegant, dynamic representations that make mountains of data comprehensible — and even exciting.

TED Studies: Sustainable Consumption


The Western diet is making us and the environment sick. These TED Talks blaze trails to a more sensible diet and sustainable farming.

TED Studies: Urban Design


TED speakers reveal ideas about sustainable development (and redevelopment) that aren't all about setting limits, going without or preparing for the worst.

About TED Studies

Each TED Study offers a curated and sequenced set of TED Talks, along with specially commissioned materials for teaching and self-guided learning. Created by world class experts, they cover topics ranging from "Understanding Happiness" to "Covering World News" to "Ecofying Cities." An abbreviated version of TED Studies is offered here; the full curricula — including special modules on each talk with questions, assignments, key terms and recommended readings — are available for licensing to academic institutions, ministries of education, and media companies worldwide.

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