Bringing TED to your audience

We closely follow media trends and tailor TED Talks to a wide range of platforms – from low-tech to high-tech – for worldwide impact. Below, explore the ways you can bring TED to your unique audience and further our mission to spread ideas. To learn more, email Deron Triff, Director of Global Distribution and Licensing, at

License TED Talks for your video or audio platform

More than 50 world leading online and mobile companies partner with TED to make the talks available to their audience through strategic licenses. We support our partners with curated playlists, artwork, subtitles and promotional materials to build large and loyal audiences for TED on their platforms.

Check out TED Shows on Pandora TV, and TED Ideas in Business on Yahoo Japan.

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Bring the TED Radio Hour to your listeners

TED in partnership with NPR would be thrilled to bring the TED Radio Hour to your country. With dozens of episodes created around great ideas from the TED stage, we are actively licensing the TED Radio Hour to broadcasters around the world. Reach out if you would like to learn more about the TED Radio Hour.

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Produce an original television series with TED

Through partnerships with national broadcasters such as NHK in Japan, TED is creating original prime time television series based on TED Talks with original content from our local partners. If you have a concept for a strong TED television format, let us know.

Check out Super Presentation on NHK, now in its fourth season.

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Provide TED Talks to your employees

TED Ideas in Business is a curated offering of TED Talks around topics that are of great interest to young professionals and executives alike. Through a license from TED, you can provide TED Talks in a business education context on your company’s learning management system and in instructor facilitated training.

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Make TED academic video collections available at your university or college

In partnership with Wiley publishing, we’ve created more than two dozen TED Studies for use by higher education institutions, distance learning organizations, and vocational schools. Each TED Study comprises a series of TED Talks, sequenced in a learning arch, from experts on a variety of curriculum topics. TED Studies are licensed with companion educational materials from world-renowned scholars commissioned by Wiley to create highly contextual course materials. If you are interested in making TED Studies available to your students, we’d be happy to share more information about this program.

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Develop a product based on TED content

We’re always excited to receive requests to utilize TED Talks in mission-driven digital products. For example, TED is partnering with National Geographic Learning/Cengage to design an English language learning curriculum product for schools around the world. Reach out to us if you would like to explore a relationship to incorporate TED content in a product or service that you are developing.

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How to connect: Email Deron Triff, Director of Global Distribution and Licensing, at