Mission Blue II

Papua New Guinea to the Solomon Islands
October 10 - 16, 2015

Mission Blue II: Papua New Guinea to Solomon Islands

Mission Blue II: The journey to protect the oceans

In 2010, Mission Blue took sail in the Galapagos with a mix of 100 policy influencers, leading scientists, artists, innovators and activists onboard. Conceived of as a TED-at-sea, Mission Blue sought to explore the challenges plaguing our ocean. It turned into far more than that. The unique alchemy of the mission's attendees became a powerful force that launched eight distinct ocean initiatives aided by $17 million in commitments.

Mission Blue was an idea planted by TED Prize winner Sylvia Earle, and planned by a group of TED directors and participants. They believed that the right mix of education, conversation and inspiration could lead to change. It did. That's why we decided to do it again.

The Mission Blue II voyage took attendees along the Pacific Equator, from Papua New Guinea to the Solomon Islands, from October 10 to 16, 2015. Beyond experiencing the ecological richness of one of the world’s most stunning areas, the group went with a purpose: to understand and help protect this region from threats. The mission worked with local leaders to tackle specific challenges, from economic incentives and new technologies, to public education and social campaigns. Voyagers brought their passion and personal skillsets as they thought through meaningful solutions.

Mission Blue II featured a full program of TED Talks, with 20 speakers sharing ideas related to the ocean. Eight of these talks have appeared on TED.com so far.

Watch TED Talks from Mission Blue II:

The full lineup of speakers on Mission Blue II:

Special thanks to Tiffany & Co. Foundation and Planet Heritage Foundation for making this voyage possible.

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Sylvia Earle on Mission Blue expedition
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Edith Widder on Mission Blue Voyage