TEDGlobal>NYC will be held in Manhattan on the early evening of Wednesday September 20, 2017, with a mission to reimagine the global story and catalyze outside-the-box thinking about world issues.

We live in a time when the advance toward a more connected, united, understanding world is in peril. Suddenly, the biggest single political question is whether globalization has gone too far too fast, and what to do — together — about it. Many voices are demanding a retreat to a world of separate nations battling for their own interests. But most of the big problems we face are collective in nature and global in scope.

It’s never been more important to find compelling new ideas about our future, and how we tell the story of one connected world with a shared destiny. Not a world that is beholden to faceless elites, but one that is driven by the potential for humans of all colors, nationalities and beliefs to see each other, learn from each other, be inspired by each other.

About TEDGlobal>NYC

TEDGlobal>NYC takes place the same week as the gathering in New York of the United Nations General Assembly, and welcomes visitors from the UN as well as the myriad other global thinkers and doers who are in New York that week. It will feature six to eight speakers and performers in an evening-length program.

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