TEDFest is an opportunity to meet TEDxers from around the world while watching the live-hosted TED program in New York City. Exclusively programmed for the entire TEDx community, TEDFest joins the best of TED with all that New York has to offer.

TEDFest 2022

NOTE: Over the recent weeks, we've watched the Omicron variant unfold, region by region, across the globe. As we reflected on the international scale of the variant’s impact, we recognized that bringing 500 TEDxers from every corner of the world to one place - at the same time - would not be possible this April. It is for this reason that we have made the difficult decision to cancel TEDFest 2022.

Being truly global is what makes TEDx unique. While right now it presents a challenge to gather in one place, it’s not a weakness. At this very moment, being global is our strength. With ingenuity, each of your events continues to light up your local communities. This year, our team will route our energy and resources to fostering local, regional, virtual, and meaningful connections among the TEDx community.

Plans for TEDFest 2022

We are offering TEDxers the subsidized conference registration rate of $750 for a simulcast experience around TED2022: “A New Era,” in Brooklyn’s dynamic DUMBO neighborhood (flights and accommodation are NOT included in the price; you are responsible for your own travel and visa arrangements).

The TEDFest 2022 dates and location are:

Sunday-Thursday April 10-14, 2022
St. Ann’s Warehouse, Brooklyn, New York

TEDFest ends with a closing party on Wednesday evening, and you may leave anytime on Thursday.

TEDFest eligibility

This event is exclusively programmed for the entire TEDx community. Primary licensees, co-organizers and official team members of TEDx events can apply to attend.

Attending TEDFest qualifies attendees for the 100+ TEDx license.

Please note: Before applying for TEDFest, please be sure that you will be able to secure a visa to enter the United States. Learn more about the visa application process

Why attend

  • Watch a simulcast of TED2022 in Brooklyn’s St. Ann’s Warehouse, an avant-garde theater located alongside the Brooklyn waterfront
  • Qualify for a 100+ license
  • Experience and learn from an in-person TED event built exclusively for TEDx organizers
  • Revel in evening events and lunches around New York City
  • Connect, talk, and brainstorm with old and new TEDx friends!

Health and safety at TEDFest 2022

To join us at TEDFest, you'll need to follow TED's health and safety rules, which include the following:

  • Be fully vaccinated (full course + 2 weeks). No exceptions will be made under any circumstances.
  • Submitted proof of vaccination is required with your submitted application, before approval and payment.*
  • Complete a health screening questionnaire prior to the start of the event.
  • We may also introduce other health protocols closer to the event based on medical advice and local legislation.

*If you would like to apply and have a spot held before submitting your vaccination proof, we will do our best to hold your spot until you are able to submit it.

Below please find a list of TEDFest 2022 FAQs, We'll update it as we receive additional questions. If you have any other questions about TEDFest, please email us at conferences@ted.com.

TEDFest 2022 Questions and Answers

About the event

1. What is TEDFest?
TEDFest is a 4-day (Sunday-Thursday) conference in New York City exclusively programmed for the TEDx Community. It is an opportunity to meet TEDxers from around the world while watching the live-hosted TED2022 conference live streamed from Vancouver. TEDFest joins the best of TED with all that New York has to offer, including daytime lunches in the city and evening parties.

2. Why should I attend TEDFest?
We believe that there is nothing like the TEDx community, and as a result, nothing like the experience of bringing our community together. At TEDFest, you’ll interact with 500 other organizers around the world—creators, curators, and producers—who come from different cultures, speak different languages, but share the same goals and principles you do. Attending TEDFest offers the unique chance to experience, learn, and interact with a mainstage TED conference built exclusively for you and your community. Upon returning to your hometown event, you will be able to expand its footprint and impact by hosting more than 100 attendees in person.

Heath protocols

1. May I attend TEDFest 2022 if I am not fully vaccinated but previously had Covid-19, or show a recent negative test?
No. Attendees may only attend TEDFest if they are fully vaccinated (including 2 weeks after final vaccination)
and have submitted proof with their application. No exceptions will be made.

2. Which vaccines will TEDFest accept?
We will accept any proof of vaccination through a vaccine approved for use by the World Health Organization, though the CDC may have more strict guidelines that evolve. If an attendee is able to enter the United States with their proof of vaccination, we will accept that proof. Please check the CDC website to see if your vaccination is accepted for entry to the USA

3. Will TED hold my spot if I expect to receive the vaccine soon, but do not have it yet?
We will do our best to hold your spot with your submitted application! Reach out to us after you have applied.

4. Will there be additional health guidelines set in place for the event?
We will share further health guidelines, including details about the health screening questionnaire, closer to the event date in the spring of 2022


1. Will there be any refunds issued in the case of exceptional circumstances?
If you test positive for COVID-19 anytime within 20 days prior to the event, we ask that you provide medical documentation and/or test results in order to qualify for a full refund of your membership fee. Should TED cancel the event, all attendees will be provided a full refund of their membership fee. Otherwise, TED memberships are non-refundable, but you can reach out in extraordinary circumstances to discuss your unique situation.

2. What does my payment for TEDFest cover?
The following will be provided during the event:
* Breakfast: Monday - Wednesday
* Lunch: Monday - Wednesday
* Evening parties: Sunday, Monday, and Wednesday
All meals are health-focused and there will be vegan, vegetarian, dairy-free, and gluten-free options.

3. Will there be scholarships for TEDFest this year?
There are no slated scholarships at this moment, but we will update the community if that changes.

4. May I use funds from my TEDx event budget to cover the cost of my, or a team member’s, attendance at TEDFest?

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