TED-Ed Weekend

TED-Ed Weekend

TED-Ed Weekend events are special gatherings of students from TED-Ed Clubs worldwide for a chance to take over TED Headquarters in New York City.

About TED-Ed Weekend

TED-Ed Weekend events are designed to amplify the voices of TED's next generation. Twice a year at TED Headquarters, youth from around the world take the stage and showcase inspiring performances, lead hands-on workshops and enjoy riveting TED Talks delivered by members of TED-Ed Clubs.

What to expect

TED-Ed Weekend events feature an amazing lineup of youth speakers from around the globe. The TED-Ed Team receives many video submissions of talks given by TED-Ed Club Members, and the best of these talks will be shared live in New York City during TED-Ed Weekend events. In addition to watching (or giving!) these talks on stage at TED Headquarters, students who attend TED-Ed Weekend events get a chance to talk to potential mentors, learn valuable new skills, explore ideas that matter, join hands-on media and animation workshops and form lasting friendships within the global TED student community.

A taste of TED-Ed Clubs

Get involved

TED-Ed Weekend events are for students in TED-Ed Clubs. To learn more about the TED-Ed Clubs program or to create your own club, visit the TED-Ed website.

Apply to start a TED-Ed Club now so you don’t miss out on this series of events!

Photos from TED-Ed Club talks

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