TED Book Club

At the TED Conference, you'll share the experience of great ideas with your fellow attendees — but before you even arrive, get started with the TED Book Club, a special pre-conference benefit for TEDsters.

About the TED Book Club

When you register for the upcoming flagship TED conference, you become a member of the TED Book Club. As a member, you’ll receive a fantastic TED-curated selection of books, either by postal delivery or via Amazon Kindle. (The Kindle Reader app is available for Mac and PC, and iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows smartphones.) Once your registration to the TED conference is complete, we will begin to send you books. If your registration date is after the final Book Club cycle has been sent, however, you will not receive any mailings.

You can find a list of some past TED Book Club selections in the Book Club FAQ below, which will give you an idea of the content you can look forward to, but unfortunately we can’t provide any retroactive mailings – the TED Book Club is a benefit that begins when you register for a conference, and ends when that conference is over.

Recently moved? It's your responsibility to update your mailing address to receive the latest mailing of the TED Book Club as mailings can't be resent. To change your mailing address, please e-mail conferences@ted.com.

Note that the TED Book Club is a separate program from TED Books and is run independently.

For any questions regarding missing books, canceling your enrollment or changing your mailing address please e-mail conferences@ted.com.

TED Book Club FAQ

How do I change my mailing/shipping details?
Mailing details can be updated by emailing conferences@ted.com with your new mailing/shipping information. Please include your postal or zip code.

How do I change the way I receive my books if I want to switch from postal delivery to Kindle delivery or vice versa?
You can email conferences@ted.com and let us know if you would like physical or digital content. Please include mailing details or the email address associated with your Amazon account. Note that we are unable to send books to @kindle.com address.

I don’t see any of the books on my Kindle device or Kindle reader app. What should I do?
If you are unable to see your books, and have set up permissions for TED Conferences to send you content, please check the “Cloud” tab to see if the books are waiting to be downloaded onto your device.

If you have not set up permissions for your device to receive content from TED Conferences, please email conferences@ted.com and include the email address associated with your Amazon account. An authorization email will be sent to you, and once permissions have been set to receive content from TED Conferences, you will be able to receive the digital book mailings.

I haven’t received my books. How do I get them?
TED Book Club enrollment is based on your registration date, and you’ll receive mailings from that date forward. If you have registered for an upcoming TED conference and haven’t received your books, send an inquiry to conferences@ted.com. If your registration date is after the final cycle has been sent you will not receive any retroactive mailings.

My books are stuck at customs. How do I retrieve them?
If you receive notice that your books are being held by customs please email conferences@ted.com and a Pro Forma customs invoice will be emailed to you. Once you receive the Pro Forma customs invoice you will take it to the customs broker and will be able to use this to retrieve your books.

I am not attending a conference but would like to enroll in the TED Book Club. Can I join?
Unfortunately, the TED Book Club is a benefit only available to attendees of the TED Conference. Learn about attending a TED conference

What types of books are included in the TED Book Club?
The TED Book Club strives to keep the spirit of TED alive all year round. Topics represented in the Book Club include technology, education and design, as well as photography, art, medicine, food and memoir. Past mailings have included titles such as:

How can I transfer my book club subscription to my friend?
If you are interested in passing along your book club subscription to a friend, please email their mailing details or the email associated with their Amazon account to conferences@ted.com.