TED Book Club

Before you join us at TED in Vancouver, read up on ideas worth spreading with the TED Book Club! Once you register, you’ll automatically become a member and you’ll be included in the next mailing. The earlier your registration is completed, the more you’ll get to read.

You can look forward to receiving a TED-curated selection of books, by mail or Amazon Kindle, a couple of times a year. The final mailing is sent a few weeks before TED. For any and all questions about TED Book Club email conferences@ted.com. Happy reading, and see you at the conference!


I don’t see the books on my Kindle device or Kindle reader app. What should I do?
First, try checking your spam folder for an email from Amazon Whispercast asking you to accept the books. When you find the email, it’s a good idea to add Amazon Whispercast to your address book, so that future mailings go straight to your inbox.

If you’ve set up permissions for TED Conferences to send you content and can’t see your books, check the “Cloud” tab to see if the books are waiting to be downloaded onto your device.

Amazon Customer Service is able to help if there’s an issue with your device or account.

Can I change the way I receive my books?
Let us know you want to switch it up! Include your current address if you’re switching to physical books.

How do I change my address?
Books are sent to the mailing address you provided during your registration. To change your address, send us an email.

My books are stuck in customs. What do I do?
Let us know and we’ll send you a standard customs invoice.