Support local TEDx events

Sponsoring a TEDx event isn’t just providing support, but creating a unique partnership. Here's what you need to know about what it means to partner with a TEDx event in your local community.

About TEDx partnerships

TEDx is an open source community of events that inspire innovation, thought leadership, and visionary insights. Each TEDx event is independently organized by an extraordinary individual. These individuals are not hosting TEDx events for political reasons, monetary reward or personal gain. Rather, they are doing this because they truly believe in the power of ideas to change the world.

Many TEDx events are seeking the support of local companies who can offer ways to enhance the experience for their attendees — most often, through in-kind goods and services.

If you own or represent a company that wants to explore opportunities for partnering with a TEDx event in your local area, read on!

Open source community

Since each TEDx event is individually organized, there will more than likely be several TEDx events happening in your particular region or city. Each TEDx event has its own name and organizational team, unrelated to each other. They do, however, all follow guidelines for content and formatting established by TED.* If you elect to partner with a TEDx event, you'll make arrangements through the event's organizer directly.

Find a TEDx event in your area, and learn more about what ideas are being born in your community.

*Note: While TED vets each of these individuals, TED has no way of guaranteeing the quality of their events.

Why become a TEDx partner?

As a TEDx partner, you will have the opportunity to engage in an authentic dialogue with an elusive, yet valuable audience: passionate, open-minded people in your community. You'll have an opportunity to test your ideas for the future, and you'll be challenged to positively impact your community and the planet in new ways.

Becoming a TEDx partner means you share in our vision of spreading ideas that are intended to change the world for the better. It means you’ll be joining our global community of thought leaders while benefiting from an individually-tailored TEDx partnership.

The vision of TEDx

TEDx began as a grand experiment. The program has been embraced with passion and dedication by hundreds — if not thousands — of volunteer communities across the planet. Think of TEDx as an incubator for new ideas within your company. Partners should come to TEDx events not only to present new ideas, but as learners — to learn from the community. Create an opportunity for this community of thinkers, dreamers, and visionaries to engage in a subject that is meaningful to you.

From a company's perspective, the TEDx program may seem quite experimental — and, as such, a great opportunity for the partner to experiment. We look forward to hearing from you directly regarding any ideas you might have.

Choosing a TEDx event to partner with

As a partner, you will need to assess each TEDx event as you would any other conference you would consider supporting.

  • Review the organizer and team hosting the event.
  • Review each team's track record. Is this the first TEDx event hosted by this team?
  • Review the speaker roster. Who is sharing their ideas at the event?
  • Note that smaller events often make for a far more targeted and meaningful experience. Also, keep in mind that licensees who are organizing events with more than 100 attendees have attended an official TED conference.

Rules and guidelines

  • We ask that TEDx events not charge more than 100 USD per admission ticket. In order for TEDx licensees to host a quality event, they will need your support.
  • In order to host a TEDx event with more than 100 attendees, the primary licensee needs to have attended an official TED conference. This creates a level of quality control, and potentially a higher level of sponsorship engagement.
  • Whenever and wherever possible, partners should pay vendors directly.
  • Post-event, we ask the organizer to submit a summary of their event partnerships, along with full documentation of their event.
  • No partner can speak from the main stage of a TEDx event. Possibly the biggest faux pas any TEDx organizer makes is allowing their partners to pitch from the stage. TED retains the right to revoke their license should this happen.
  • We encourage concepts like "innovation labs" — areas outside of the main stage that show cool new ideas and products.