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TEDx events take place in more than 170 countries, energizing communities around ideas. Engaging with such an influential community is a great way for corporations and foundations to achieve their goals: boost brand awareness, reach target markets, find great ideas, launch a product or service, expand corporate social responsibilities initiatives, and more.

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Bring the magic of TEDx to your company

The TEDx event format and organizer resources are available to businesses looking to engage employees and promote innovation. After applying and contributing a license fee, companies self-organize official TEDx events for their employees and internally share recorded talks across the entire company. See our TEDx Business page and register your interest.

Donate to help TEDx grow

A curated group of globally-minded individuals provide financial resources, know-how, and connections to advance the mission of TEDx. Members have the opportunity to contribute strategic thinking, attend exclusive TED conferences, and gain an inside look at TED.

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Martin Medicus
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