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Liberia after Ebola — how human nature affects our response to disease

Catharine Young describes a visit to Liberia, where Ebola may be contained but the public health story has only just begun.
Posted Jan 2016

3 articles on the danger of Ebola paranoia

It’s Halloween — and the only thing scarier than Ebola this week is Ebola paranoia. Should you panic in bowling alleys? How justified is your fear of hospitals? Are mandatory quarantines even legal in the U.S., anyway? 3 ideas behind the news.
Posted Oct 2014

Skip cable news. A better source of Ebola information

EbolaDeeply.org wants to spread information about Ebola by any means necessary -- to readers, journalists and rural people fighting the disease on the ground. We talk to co-founder Jon Gosier, a TED Senior Fellow.
Posted Oct 2014
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