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Mind going a million miles a minute? Slow down with this breathing exercise

When your brain is churning away with worries and anxieties, this effective exercise can help you start to calm down, says psychiatrist Judson Brewer.
Posted May 2020

Humans aren’t the only ones that help out their adult kids — here’s why animals do it too

Did you know that meerkats stay close to home, even as adults, so they can inherit territory when Mom dies? Or that North American red squirrel mothers gift real estate to their kids (complete with stockpiles of food)? Evolutionary biologist Barbara Natterson-Horowitz and writer Kathryn Bowers make the case for why parents -- animals and humans -- should remain involved in the lives of their full-grown offspring.
Posted Mar 2020

Are the workers behind your food treated fairly? How one innovative program is helping improve conditions

Many farmworkers in the US receive inadequate wages and experience harassment, violence and even sexual assault. But thanks to the innovative Fair Food Program, which signs up big companies like McDonald's and Taco Bell, conditions in the tomato fields in several states have been reformed. Here's how it works -- and how you can do your part.
Posted Nov 2019
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