In these TED Talks, masters of storytelling share their creative secrets and explore new approaches to their age-old craft.


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Could your life story use an update? Here’s how to do it

Storytelling allows us to take events that are exceptional, unforeseen or out of the ordinary and convert them into meaningful, manageable chapters in our lives. Author Bruce Feiler shares three tips to help you tell a more effective life story:
Posted Jan 2023

Storytelling is a powerful communication tool — here’s how to use it, from TED

Many of the best TED Talks are built around stories, with speakers' personal anecdotes helping them bring their ideas to life. Here, TED head curator Chris Anderson provides us with some storytelling dos and don'ts. Plus: news about the TED Masterclass app.
Posted Nov 2019

Want to really connect at your next family gathering? Try this.

Family stories are a treasure. But when you hear the same ones over and over, they can get tarnished. Facilitator Priya Parker shares the simple trick that led to an unforgettable evening for her and her loved ones.
Posted Aug 2018
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