As machines grow ever more intelligent, they're emerging not just as powerful tools, but close companions. These TED Talks offer both whizzy demos and serious ideas on our evolving relationship with robots.


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This amazing robot swims like an eel AND detects pollution

Inspired by one of nature’s most efficient swimmers, bio-roboticist Auke Ijspeert and his team are building a sinuous robot that can venture into toxic waters.
Posted Feb 2018

Are you ready for the impending age of robots?

Economist Robin Hanson thinks the era of ems -- robots with artificial copies of human brains -- could occur in the next century. Read his astonishing predictions … and prepare for your jaw to drop.
Posted Apr 2017

How the gains we make in AI could ultimately destroy us

Neuroscientist and philosopher Sam Harris describes a scenario that is both terrifying and likely to occur. It’s not, he says, a good combination.
Posted Oct 2016
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