What can robots teach us about being human?

Robots reflect their creators: Us. Counterintuitive and insightful, these robots show us glimmers into what it means to be human.

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  1. 17:38
    Guy Hoffman Robots with "soul"

    What kind of robots does an animator / jazz musician / roboticist make? Playful, reactive, curious ones. Guy Hoffman shows demo film of his family of unusual robots — including two musical bots that like to jam with humans.

  2. 17:09
    Ken Goldberg 4 lessons from robots about being human

    The more that robots ingrain themselves into our everyday lives, the more we're forced to examine ourselves as people. At TEDxBerkeley, Ken Goldberg shares four very human lessons that he's learned from working with robots.

  3. 9:56
    Rodney Brooks Why we will rely on robots

    Scaremongers play on the idea that robots will simply replace people on the job. In fact, they can become our essential collaborators, freeing us up to spend time on less mundane and mechanical challenges. Rodney Brooks points out how valuable this could be as the number of working-age adults drops and the number of retirees swells. He introduces us to Baxter, the robot with eyes that move and arms that react to touch, which could work alongside an aging population — and learn to help them at home, too.

  4. 4:57
    David Hanson Robots that "show emotion"

    David Hanson's robot faces look and act like yours: They recognize and respond to emotion, and make expressions of their own. Here, an "emotional" live demo of the Einstein robot offers a peek at a future where robots truly mimic humans.