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How to have a COVID-conscious Thanksgiving: advice from a public health expert

The coronavirus numbers are climbing at an alarming rate across the US, and we all bear some responsibility for decreasing the number of cases and deaths. Here are 12 actions that you can take to do your part, from public health expert Pamela M. Aaltonen.
Posted Nov 2020

Overwhelmed by COVID information? 6 tips to help you know what and who to trust

Global health expert Alanna Shaikh shares how she stays on top of -- and not drowned by -- the tidal wave of COVID-19 news coming at all of us.
Posted Aug 2020

Like it or not, many teens watch porn — so why not use it to teach positive lessons?

Many young people are turning to pornography for information. With this reality comes an opportunity: We can utilize it to start important conversations with them about sex and relationships, says public health researcher Emily Rothman.
Posted Oct 2019
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