It's the challenge of our age: How do we end poverty? These TED Talks — from economists, philanthropists, activists — share ideas and results from around the world.

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How we can feed the future

7 talks • 1h 36m
These action-oriented, forward-thinking talks offer a vision of the world where everyone has access to safe, healthy, and nutritious food — especially those who need it most. (Sponsored by Wells Fargo.)

The issue of homelessness

4 talks • 36:33
A basic primer on some of the hows and whys, solutions and struggles surrounding the conversation on homelessness.

The quest to end poverty

12 talks • 3h 16m
It's the challenge of our age: How do we end poverty? Hear ideas and results from economists, philanthropists, activists working -- in labs and on the ground -- to wipe it out.

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