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Glitter is plastic in disguise, plus 4 more reasons to skip the shiny stuff

From wrapping paper and greeting cards to party favors and ornaments, millions of everyday items sparkle due to glitter. And while these shimmering objects are festive and eye-catching, they're harming our planet and contributing to climate change. Environmental science researcher Claire Gwinnett PhD explains how.
Posted Nov 2021

Millions of tons of plastic are trashed every year. But what if we used it to pave our roads?

In fact, just one kilometer of road paved with a plastic blend can contain the equivalent of nearly 750,000 plastic bags! Science journalist Ann Parson looks at the possibilities -- and pitfalls -- of this creative solution.
Posted Jun 2021

What plastic item would you love to ban? 15 ocean experts (and TED speakers) tell us.

Yes, plastic straws are bad, but they’re just a teeny drop in the giant ocean of plastic we’re swimming in. Here are other everyday plastic objects that we could put on the discontinued list.
Posted Jul 2018
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