A collection of TED Talks (and more) on the topic of Language.

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The pursuit of curiosity and understanding

6 talks • 1h 16m
Curious about the world? These fascinating talks will encourage you to seek and experience the endless delight and intrigue it offers. (Curated in partnership with the Qatar Foundation.)

The most popular TED Talks of 2018

25 talks • 5h 10m
What. A. Year. These 25 TED Talks helped us make better decisions, taught us some fascinating science, gave us some hope for humanity and showed us what it's like to climb 3,000 feet ... without a rope.

The most translated TED Talks

25 talks • 4h 24m
A thoughtful selection of engaging TED Talks, translated into 40+ languages thanks to our wonderful TED Translators community!

Great TED Talks for language practice

11 talks • 2h 8m
Learning another language? A collection of TED Talks to indulge in your linguistic desires. (Pro tip: Select subtitles in your preferred language to read along, too.)

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