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When speaking a new language, what matters most is your attitude — not your accuracy

Instead of looking at a foreign language as an art to be mastered and perfected, think of it as a tool you can use to get a result, says communication skills trainer Marianna Pascal.
Posted Dec 2019

Get more from Wikipedia — try reading about a subject in a different language

For a broader take, consider looking at its Wikipedia entry in another language -- particularly in a language culturally closer to the subject. You'll open yourself up to a world of perspectives, says Daniel M. Russell, online search expert and Google research scientist.
Posted Sep 2019

Meet the person who created Dothraki and Valyrian for Game of Thrones — and learn how “khaleesi” should have been said

How do you build an ultra-compelling, feels-so-real fictional world? It all starts from the words up, according to linguist David J. Peterson.
Posted Apr 2019
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