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8 mouthwatering TV shows and movies about the future of food and our planet

Feeding the world's 8 billion people requires a lot of Earth's resources -- so how can we do it more sustainably? From tackling systemic issues like food waste to learning how to cook delicious plant-based recipes at home, these shows and movies are all about the power of our plates.
Posted Nov 2022

4 fascinating, underappreciated jobs that all great movies depend on

When you watch the Academy Awards, are categories like “sound editing” and “production design” your cue for a bathroom or snack break? Read why those jobs -- and sound mixer and cinematographer -- matter.
Posted Mar 2018

How color helps a movie tell its story

There’s no Academy Award for Best Color -- yet -- but this less-celebrated element of filmmaking is used to propel and convey the plot. Here’s how.
Posted Apr 2017
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