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What I learned from crossing Antarctica on skis, alone

In attempting the first solo crossing of Antarctica, Ben Saunders battled white-out landscapes, shifting snows and mind-altering monotony -- all while pulling hundreds of pounds of supplies. Here’s what he discovered on his incredible journey.
Posted Jul 2018

Deep in an ancient cave … an unexpected form of life

A team of geologists has been exploring the caves beneath the table mountains of Venezuela, where new lifeforms may have been quietly developing for millions of years. Journalist Lars Abromeit describes the expedition into the unknown.
Posted Dec 2016

Finding the legendary lost cultures of ancient Peru

Ancient Peru was home to many cultures, most of them still mysterious. But as Sarah Parcak points her satellite-archaeology lens (and her new citizen-explorer project) at the Peruvian wilderness, the invisible past is primed to make a remarkable comeback.
Posted Jun 2016
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