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Why yes, actually it is rocket science

7 talks • 1h 20m
While it may not be simple or easy, these fascinating talks make aerospace engineering a little more accessible to the average person.

Talks for when you’re in the mood for adventure

9 talks • 1h 42m
Quench your thirst for adventure with these breathtakingly bold talks that explore the Earth’s most spectacular corners, depths and peaks.

What's the big deal about Mars?

6 talks • 1h 37m
Learn all the hubbub going on with the big Red Planet in these insightful and utterly fascinating talks.

How scientists learn

8 talks • 2h 9m
From a scientist’s perspective, life is one big experiment. These talks demonstrate that science doesn’t just happen -- it takes determination, unwavering curiosity and a big leap into the unknown.

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