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Why does running give you a high? A look at the science

And it's not just running -- you can get these feelings of bliss and well-being from other kinds of physical activity too. Research psychologist Kelly McGonigal explains how we can get it and why it exists.
Posted Apr 2020

Humans aren’t the only ones that help out their adult kids — here’s why animals do it too

Did you know that meerkats stay close to home, even as adults, so they can inherit territory when Mom dies? Or that North American red squirrel mothers gift real estate to their kids (complete with stockpiles of food)? Evolutionary biologist Barbara Natterson-Horowitz and writer Kathryn Bowers make the case for why parents -- animals and humans -- should remain involved in the lives of their full-grown offspring.
Posted Mar 2020

What can cavefish teach us about the world?

These weird-looking, isolated aquatic creatures probably won’t star in a Pixar film anytime soon, but by studying them, we can learn about our planet’s past and its future, says evolutionary biologist and ichthyologist Prosanta Chakrabarty.
Posted May 2018
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