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Ben Affleck: 8 talks that amazed me

8 talks • 2h 16m
Browse Ben Affleck's super 8, and his director's notes on why he picked them.

Björk: 6 talks that are music to my ears

6 talks • 1h 1m
Björk picks 6 TED Talks that she simply adores, from a mushroom burial suit to a virtual choir of thousands.

The power of film

13 talks • 3h 38m
12 visionary creators and curators -- from Hollywood, Bollywood and Nollywood -- talk about how to make movie magic.

Calling all sports fans

13 talks • 3h 15m
Whether you love to swim, run, ski, shoot hoops or play cricket, these talks will make you wish you had a foam finger to hoist in the air.
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5 ways to be a better human at the zoo

Your job: Be interesting. Researcher and author Laurel Braitman explains. Let me be clear: I don’t like zoos. Looking at captive animals depresses me. They often seem a little g...

Sometimes you need to go back to go forward

Even Sting gets writer’s block. “One day, the songs stopped coming,” he reveals in his TED Talk. “Day after day, you face a blank page and nothing is coming. And those days turn...
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