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Why talking about race on The Bachelorette matters

We need to have more honest, open-ended conversations about race and bias -- in our own lives and in the TV shows and movies we see, says diversity consultant Vernā Myers.
Posted Jul 2017

5 ways to be a better human at the zoo

Your job: Be interesting. Researcher and author Laurel Braitman explains.
Posted Oct 2015

How to be a good artist-slash-activist: Pro tips from Amy Ray of Indigo Girls

Over the course of 25 years, folk rock icons the Indigo Girls have not only released more than a dozen albums, they have also displayed a staunch dedication to countless social, political and environmental issues, melding music and activism in their own, unique way. Alison Prato talks with band member Amy Ray about how they fight for what they believe in without seeming preachy, the evolution of their music, and the state of women around the world.
Posted May 2015
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