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5 exercises to help you build more empathy

Just like we take care of our bodies and our mental health, developing empathy is a way to take care of our social health, says psychology professor Jamil Zaki PhD.
Posted Mar 2021

How literature — yes, literature — can help you better connect with others

What is literature good for? Plenty -- it increases our ability to "read" other people, lights up multiple parts of our brain and can even help reduce bias, says poet and creative writing teacher Beth Ann Fennelly.
Posted Mar 2021

3 simple ways to express empathy in your next conversation

It’s not hard to recognize when a friend, family member or colleague is having a rough day, but what isn't as easy is knowing what to say. The next time that happens, use these three tips to show you're there for them, from social entrepreneur Gwen Yi Wong.
Posted Mar 2021
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