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Understanding cancer, preventing it -- and ending it. Watch these TED Talks about the latest science and technology in the fight against cancer.

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How you can support a friend through cancer

A friend’s diagnosis can feel overwhelming and confusing, but you don’t need to let fear and uncertainty keep you from being there for them. Journalist Suleika Jaouad offers some practical advice for how you can help.
Posted Jul 2019

How can we detect cancer earlier? The answer could be in your blood

A new DNA technology that analyzes human blood samples has been shown to catch the disease four months earlier than traditional methods. Cancer researcher Jimmy Lin explains how it works.
Posted Aug 2017

Gallery: The most beautiful bacteria you’ll ever see

Synthetic biologist Tal Danino manipulates microorganisms in his lab to create eye-catching, colorful patterns. Here’s a look at the process he uses to turn “Oh, yuck” into “Oh, wow.”
Posted Mar 2017
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