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Crave more stillness in your life? You can find it in beauty

There is great peace to be discovered in beauty, says writer Ryan Holiday. It's all around us in expected places like nature, love and our loved ones but in less-expected ones, too -- the smell of asphalt before the rain, dusty pawprints on a car, the fleeting quiet of an empty inbox.
Posted Oct 2019

A sweet look at some of the small things that make our lives beautiful

Artist Janne Willems has collected more than 11,000 drawings in 30 countries from strangers showing the moments we remember and treasure.
Posted Jan 2018

Gallery: The beauty of a thin film of oil

Artist Fabian Oefner works with everyday materials to create astonishing, unrecognizable images. He shares a look at how he does it.
Posted Oct 2016
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