A collection of TED Talks (and more) on the topic of Beauty.

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Extraordinary, larger-than-life art

9 talks • 1h 41m
These artists translate imagination and poignant worldviews into monumental, magnificent pieces of art.

The logic of loving yourself

7 talks • 1h 33m
Being at peace with yourself can be hard. Start with these helpful talks that can guide you in embracing who you are, both in and out.

The beauty of strangers

8 talks • 1h 38m
Explore the poetic and unexpected pleasures of embracing the strangers who make fleeting appearances in our lives. Learn more about the benefits of talking to strangers.

New ways to think about beauty

9 talks • 1h 42m
These thoughtful talks explore the timeless concept of beauty. How do we decide what — and who — is beautiful? What role does this play in our lives?

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Gallery: The beauty of a thin film of oil

Artist Fabian Oefner works with everyday materials to create astonishing, unrecognizable images. Here’s a look at how he does it. Where most people would likely see an unassumin...
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