Brightline Initiative

TED and the Brightline™ Initiative, a non-commercial coalition dedicated to helping organizations bridge the gap between strategy design and strategy delivery, are partnering to bring great ideas and business strategies to life. The year-long partnership will include activations at TED's flagship conferences, custom-made content as well as digital media and the hosting of two TEDNYC events.

TEDGlobal 2017 was a celebration of those out there doing something — whether starting a company or initiative, challenging conventional wisdom or stirring up a new movement. The Brightline Initiative was on hand, taking notes on every moment. In this report, our key takeaways. Read it here

The power of metaphors

How can governments and organizations successfully transform the world we live in? What should leaders do to cope with constant disruption? We used to think our society should function like a machine. But what happens when the problem is more complex than the metaphor we're using? And what happens when we change that metaphor?

Successful strategies – Asking the right questions matters

Research shows that nine out of 10 organizations fail to deliver all of their strategic goals. Why? It seems that we forget to ask the right questions when it comes to strategy implementation.

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Advice and perspectives to keep in mind when your company's going through structural changes.
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