TEDYouth StoryCorps Challenge

We’re excited to introduce TEDYouth to Dave Isay and his 2015 TED Prize winning project, StoryCorps.me!

Building on our TEDYouth 2015 theme of “Made in the Future”, we asked young people around the globe to investigate jobs from the past and present by using the StoryCorps app to interview their friends and loved ones. By sharing these stories with the TEDYouth community, applicants began to paint their picture of what jobs have looked like in the past and present, relative to what they might look like years from now.

Get involved

Follow these steps to participate in the TEDYouth StoryCorps Challenge:

  1. Download the StoryCorps app for your Android or iPhone.
  2. Follow the instructions in the app to make an interview. For this TEDYouth StoryCorps Challenge, we recommend the following:
    - Name your interview file "On Work:" followed by the names of yourself and your interviewee (for example: "On Work: Jane Smith and John Smith")
    - Try to keep your interview around approximately 15 minutes long
    - When you prepare for your interview, use questions from the “Working” category on the question selection page
    - End your interview with this TEDYouth StoryCorps Challenge question: "What will your job look like in 2035?"
  3. When you are done, don't forget to tag your interview with the keyword "TEDYouth" so we can share it on our website and potentially at TEDYouth 2015!

After you're done you can check out your interview online at StoryCorps.me, and you can search other TEDYouth interviews with the search tag "TEDYouth"!

Entry into the TEDYouth Storycorps Challenge is now closed. Thank you your participation!

Listen to these StoryCorps interviews to get inspiration for your own interview:

On Work: Jay & Diana

Diana interviews her grandpa about his work over the years, starting on a farm.
Listen now

"What’s your life like now, Dad?"

Priya and Bhavani interview their father, Ken Morganstern, who has Alzheimer's disease.
Listen now

Carsillo at Work

Larry Carsillo spent his life supporting his family. His son Peter asks him about his early job at the soda fountain.
Listen now