Culturally inclusive banking

About this talk: How does banking work in one of the most geographically, culturally, and economically remote countries on earth? Westpac Papua New Guinea works in the Highlands of the southwestern Pacific nation to build an inclusive banking structure built on the Wantok system, a kind of tribal social security. Working with the Wantok system ensures that Papua New Guineans can grow their future with respect and empowerment while keeping local traditions strong.

About this partnership

This film was created in partnership with TED and Westpac Group. Westpac has always strived to help communities prosper and grow. That’s how it’s been for over 200 years, founded on leadership, courage and a bold vision of transformation. Together TED Institute and Westpac are exploring ideas and stories that may shape a more positive future for all in the next 200 years to come.

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