Gary Niekerk: Chips, conflict and the Congo

About this talk: The complexities of global geopolitics and the fluid nature of the world’s supply chains pose challenges for corporations who want to do the right thing. Gary Niekerk shares the story of how Intel approached the challenge of unraveling its supply chains from mines in the Congo that were funding human rights abuses.

About this speaker

Gary has worked inside of some of the world’s most recognizable technology brands to make sure what they do to produce their products is as admirable as the products themselves. In pursuit of this goal, he works with stakeholders and organizations that corporations have traditionally shunned – believing that your critics can be a valuable source of inspiration and enlightenment.

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TED@Intel was a TED-curated event featuring a diverse group of speakers from across Intel's organization. Jointly produced by TED and Intel, the speakers shared ideas and visions about "Future in progress."

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