Vinith Misra: Machines need an algorithm for humor. This is what it looks like.

About this talk: Can a computer crack a joke? Can it even have a sense of humor? For computer engineer and aspiring comedian Vinith Misra, this is not just a curiosity, it’s something we all need. By analyzing data sets in social media, Misra discovers ways to help us connect with each other, and make our often frustrating relationship with machines funnier - and friendlier.

About this speaker

Vinith Misra, of IBM’s Watson Group, boasts research interests from knowledge graph prediction and The Lord of the Rings analytics to data-driven compression and theoretic models. Recipient of the Stanford Graduate Fellowship, National Science and Defense Graduate Fellowship and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s David Adler Memorial Thesis Prize, he is a member of Forbes’ “30 Under 30” (2015) and consults on HBO’s Silicon Valley. Vinith holds a Ph.D. from Stanford’s Information Systems Lab and an S.B. and M.Eng. from MIT.

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