Villy Wang: A business against racism

About this talk: Villy Wang is in the business of rewriting stereotypes, empowering youth of color to take back their narratives through storytelling. In this moving talk, Wang explains how she developed a program to train kids in filmmaking so they can create new, authentic stories and break the cycle of bias perpetuated in media.

About this speaker

Raised by an immigrant single mother in the projects of New York City, Villy Wang’s longing to tell her mom’s story forged a passion for media because of its power to share and shape narratives. So she founded BAYCAT, a social enterprise in San Francisco that helps young people from low-income communities capture untold stories and create social change. After 10 years, BAYCAT has educated close to 4,000 students; their recent graduates have gone on to work at Netflix, Lucasfilm, Pixar, HBO, Universal Studios and other production companies.

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