Lisa Seacat DeLuca: A young inventor's vision of the future

About this talk: What does the future look like from the eyes of the most prolific female inventor in IBM’s history? Think: 3D printers building last-minute umbrellas at the office and toilet paper that automatically reorders itself when the last roll sits empty. Lisa Seacrat DeLuca envisions a radically reinvented world that surprisingly doesn’t appear too different from today.

About this speaker

Lisa Seacat DeLuca is a mobile software engineer specializing in hybrid mobile development for IBM’s Open Technology and Cloud Performance organization. She is a committer in the Apache Cordova open source community and is always looking for opportunities to integrate mobile with cloud. Ms. DeLuca is a self-published author of a children’s book, A Robot Story, teaching kids how to count to ten in binary. In 2014, she was named one of Network World’s 50 Most Fascinating People in the World of Technology and is the first woman in IBM history to reach the 100th plateau achievement level, having filed more than 370 patent applications.

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