Inhi Cho Suh: Enhanced care — a million data points at a time

About this talk: Every day, a typical hospital patient generates 150 million data points setting off over 1,300 alarms, 90% of which are never acted upon. Can we eliminate the incessant noise and also improve the quality of care? Inhi Cho Suh explains that by applying big data analytics, algorithms can inform medical personnel more successfully - and more quietly.

About this speaker

Inhi is the Vice President of Big Data Integration and Governance for IBM Software Group. She is a thought leader in the information management, big data and analytics marketplace. Inhi is responsible for the product portfolio and business direction of the division which is comprised of data management, information governance, information integration, master data management, data security, data privacy, and emerging capabilities such as hadoop, stream computing, and context computing. She spends significant time with clients to identify ways IBM can help them manage today’s ever-growing explosion of information.

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