Leslie Perlow: Thriving in an overconnected world

About this talk: While email and mobile technology have greatly accelerated the way we do business, Leslie Perlow argues that the always “on” mentality can have a long-term detrimental effect on many organizations. In her sociological experiments at BCG and other organizations, Perlow found that if the team – rather than just individuals - collectively rallies around a goal of personal value, it unleashes a process that creates better work and better lives.

About this speaker

Leslie is the Konsuke Matsushita Professor of Leadership at the Harvard Business School and author of the book, “Sleeping With Your Smartphone.” She is an ethnographer who studies what happens when organizations experience tremendous change in the workplace – such as globalization, 24/7 technology, and hyper-efficiency – but fail to consider their implications on how people work.

About this event

TED@BCG was an event produced by TED in conjunction with our partner, the Boston Consulting Group. The event gathered together leaders from business, academia, and society who have been at the forefront of change and transformation. The TED@BCG series of events were held in Singapore and San Francisco in October 2013.