Karalee Close: Will healthcare embrace digital or will we die waiting?

About this talk: Using a mobile app to check glucose levels, sending selfies to receive diagnoses, and receiving text reminders to take pills. Is this what the future of healthcare will look like? Karalee Close believes it should, considering that medical mistakes are the fourth leading cause of death in the US. She argues that a closer marriage of technology, big data, and healthcare can improve today’s system - especially when it comes to mitigating human error.

About this speaker

Karalee is BCG’s global leader of Digital, Big Data and Advanced Analytics in Healthcare and a core member of the Healthcare and Technology Advantage Practices. She has particular experience in health informatics and Digital Health across Payors and Providers, MedTech, and BioPharma. Prior to joining BCG, Karalee worked in hospital management. She was Director of Corporate Planning at the University Health Network and Director of Customer Service at The Toronto Hospital. Karalee holds an MBA from University of Toronto and a BSc in Health Information Science from the University of Victoria.

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