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What if 1 or 2 flu shots could cover us for the rest of our lives? Researchers are working on it

Every year, a new influenza vaccine is created to protect against constantly evolving strains of the virus. But here's what researchers like Florian Krammer PhD are doing to develop a universal shot which could target all flu viruses. 
Posted Dec 2021

The top 7 COVID-19 vaccine questions, answered

Data expert and economist Emily Oster goes through what we know so far about the new COVID-19 vaccines.
Posted Dec 2020

Here’s why you need to get a flu shot, even if you don’t want one

It’s no fun having a needle stuck into your arm. But remember: You’re not just getting a flu shot for yourself -- you’re protecting your family, friends, coworkers and community, too.
Posted Nov 2019
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