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5 myths — and 5 truths — about the reality of racism in the US

Unchallenged, these myths can distract us from the real work that needs to be done and the real issues that must be addressed to end racism, says researcher and political scientist Candis Watts Smith PhD. Here's what you should know.
Posted May 2021

To be Asian in America is to keep a list of places where you know you’ll be seen as more than a visitor

A reflection on going to restaurants and why we all want to be seen as more than a visitor, from author and illustrator Jonny Sun.
Posted Apr 2021

Why saying “Asians are good at math” isn’t a compliment — it’s racism

Today, Asians are often seen as the “model minority” – hardworking, academically talented and professionally successful – but it wasn’t always that way.
Posted Mar 2021
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