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It’s time for everyone to see trans and non-binary people and support them — here’s how

The next time you see something that makes you uncomfortable in public or online, remember the silence that trans and non-binary victims can hear when no one comes to support them. "Stand up, step in and be by our side," says author Jamie Windust.
Posted Mar 2021

Sports are designed around men — and that needs to change

Women are some of our highest achieving athletes, but whether they’re out winning titles or just hitting the gym on a regular day, the sports world is still not taking them seriously enough. Meet two women trying to level the playing field.
Posted Mar 2020

How to raise kids without rigid gender stereotypes

We call young people who step outside gender lines “brave.” But if adults truly want to support them, we need to be willing to show some courage and embrace some discomfort, say Michele Yulo and Audrey Mason-Hyde.
Posted Jun 2019
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