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9 eye-opening facts about antibiotic resistance — and 1 hopeful approach to overcoming it

Imagine, for a moment, living in a world where getting a cut could be life-threatening. That’s exactly what would happen if our antibiotics lose their ability to treat bacterial infections. Learn more about antibiotic resistance in bacteria and what Jim Collins and his team at MIT are doing to identify effective new drugs.
Posted Jul 2020

Gallery: The most beautiful bacteria you’ll ever see

Synthetic biologist Tal Danino manipulates microorganisms in his lab to create eye-catching, colorful patterns. Here’s a look at the process he uses to turn “Oh, yuck” into “Oh, wow.”
Posted Mar 2017

The ongoing quest to build life from scratch

A synthetic biologist has created artificial cells that can “talk” to natural cells -- but are they really alive?
Posted Mar 2017
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