It's the question of our generation: Can we find sustainable solutions for energy, water, food, stuff? In these TED talks, scientists and inventors offer visionary solutions for a greener future.

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Are companies’ climate pledges for real — or just hot air? Here’s how you can tell

More than 20% of the world’s largest corporations have set a 2050 target of going carbon neutral -- but there’s a big difference between making a pledge and taking action. Here's how to spot which companies are actually walking the walk.
Posted Jun 2021

What’s the carbon footprint of cannabis? Surprisingly high

Growing an ounce of cannabis indoors can produce as much carbon pollution as driving 370 miles! Researchers explain why it's so energy-intensive -- and what we need to know in order to cultivate it more sustainably.
Posted Apr 2021

Your fashion choices may be hurting the planet — here are 6 ways to reduce your impact

Through our everyday buying decisions, we consumers can collectively create the demand for sustainable products and send a powerful message to big corporations that they need to clean up their act. If you want to make better clothing choices, here's how you can start.
Posted Apr 2021
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