It's the question of our generation: Can we find sustainable solutions for energy, water, food, stuff? In these TED talks, scientists and inventors offer visionary solutions for a greener future.

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5 questions about climate change

5 talks • 6:06
In the scope of Countdown, TED's initiative to accelerate solutions to climate change, the TED team collaborated with scientists and the creative studio Giant Ant to prepare five short animations explaining concepts and answering important questions related to the climate. They are narrated by Kristen Bell. Learn more about Countdown at

Reduce, reuse, recycle

11 talks • 2h 7m
Discover the beauty in minimizing material goods, repurposing your most well-loved things and intentionally (and sustainably) lessening your carbon footprint.

Thrifty TED Talks

7 talks • 1h 21m
Give old things new life and even imagine a futuristic perspective on repurposing everyday items with these fun and thoughtful talks.

The big problem with fashion -- and how to fix it

3 talks • 29:41
The fashion industry has a big carbon footprint. How can we find a sustainable solution that fits?

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