It's the question of our generation: Can we find sustainable solutions for energy, water, food, stuff? In these TED talks, scientists and inventors offer visionary solutions for a greener future.

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16 planet-friendly gift ideas, recommended by TED speakers

We asked 16 TED speakers to share their Earth-friendly gift recommendations -- and here's their green gift list.
Posted Dec 2021

Could tiny homes be the adorable, affordable and sustainable housing that our planet needs?

Right now we're living in the middle of a climate crisis and a housing crisis (oh, and a pandemic). Smaller spaces -- like houses that are 400 square feet and less -- could help us address both. Here's how.
Posted Sep 2021

The EU is giving citizens the “right to repair” electronics — here’s what that could mean for the world

Across Europe, legislation is restoring something that companies have taken away from citizens: The right to repair what they’ve bought. These new guidelines can save people money -- and help save the environment.
Posted Aug 2021
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