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Sounds of the wild

5 talks • 1h 31m
Get back to nature with these talks from the wilder side of life.

Seeing sound and hearing color

5 talks • 46:23
Keep your ears and eyes wide open for the several different ways you can interact with sound and color.

The lights and sounds of the universe

6 talks • 1h 6m
Find out what sound a black hole makes, if (possible) alien life is blocking star light and other astounding things happening in our galaxy -- and beyond.

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The surprising power of silence

Inspired by a book on silence, a director set out to explore and capture its many manifestations on film. The problem? Silence is much more slippery than he realized. Even befor...

What making music does to your brain

What’s it like to have a song inside your head, itching to get out? A neuroscientist and a songwriter compare notes from the frontier of music and science. Music is the most com...
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