Slavery still exists around the world, and in some industries you wouldn't expect. Learn more with these TED Talks.


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This is the conversation about race that we need to have now

The great evil of American slavery wasn’t involuntary servitude, says public-interest lawyer Bryan Stevenson. It was the ideology of white supremacy used to justify it -- and it’s an ugly part of our history we need to acknowledge.
Posted Aug 2017

Racial violence, cast in bronze, etched in glass

The work of artist Sanford Biggers walks a fine line between poetic and provocative, brilliantly sparking discussions about race, violence and fallen heroes.
Posted May 2016

Powerful photos of modern slavery — and human survival

Since 2009, Lisa Kristine has been documenting the lives of people caught up in slavery. Her images are shocking, powerful, in-your-face. Yet they are also dignified portraits of those with no choice. Take a look at 17 of her photographs.
Posted Jun 2014
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